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Guide To Choose a Women’s Leather Handbag

Choosing leather handbags for women seems to be a daunting task. There is so much to consider. And because leather handbags are expensive than the usual bags, it is important that you choose the right one. However, don’t panic! We have listed down a few tips on how to buy the best leather handbag for women who loves to stay fashionable and stylish.

Consider The Occasion

Before you go shopping for a women’s leather handbag, you need to know what the occasion is.
Is it a formal business meeting, an evening ballroom party or a casual function with friends and family?  For instance, if it’s a casual event, choose a lightweight simple bag.  Or if you are looking for something that can be carried to the office – buy a classic leather handbag bag that’s apt to carry paperwork, files, folders, pen drive, journals or even a small tablet.

Look For Designs and Sizes

Leather handbags for women come in a variety of colours, sizes, styles and designs. From clutches, totes, baguette, slings, wristlets there are n-number of options to choose from.

Size and colour are other important features when it comes to choosing a handbag. That being said, however, you should consider a handbag that looks apt for the lady. For Example: If she is too tall, a bigger looking bag with bright colours will look good on her, however, if she is short, opt for a slimmer and smaller bag, with darker shades, that best suits her frame.

Look For Storage

Women’s leather bag look glamorous and stylish, however, you need to choose a bag that will serve the purpose, and that’s when things can get a little tricky.

Always look for storage capacity in a handbag.  It is important to keep in mind the essential items that need to be carried along, and this will help guide you when choosing a bag that is the perfect shape and size.

Pick a Handbag That Compliments Her Outfit

Another factor to take into consideration is whether the bag will compliment her outfit. As a general thumb rule, a bag should be treated as an accessory, merely something that compliments the overall personality. No matter, what is the occasion and how pretty her outfit is, don’t go one step too far by teaming it up with a bag that will take away from what she is wearing.

Despite its importance in functionality, the leather handbag is also one of the most essential and stylistically telling pieces in fashion. Hence, it’s important to consider various features when choosing a handbag, to ensure it serves the most out of both its functionality and style.


5 Travel Essentials For Men

Are you super excited about your trip but indecisive of what to carry and what not to? Are you worried about packing?  Do you want to keep your travel light, easy and simple and still enjoy the trip without much nuisance and annoyance?

If yes…..We’ll help you out with this!!

For your convenience we have listed down some 5 important travel essentials that will make your life easy:

  1. Leather Backpack

Leather Backpacks for Men are a great companion. It can carry everything a man needs for the journey, right from a laptop, a tablet to clothes and shoes etc. Leather backpacks are durable and help create a positive impression on others. In fact, it makes travel look stylish.


  1. Leather Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are the easiest on arms and shoulders. Items like eyeglasses, lens kit, ear plugs, mobile charger and other stuff that are used on a routine basis can be placed in the messenger bag until needed. It’s a great bag to leave your hands free.

Just like leather backpacks, messenger leather bags for men come in a variety of designs and style. Just pick one of your choice and you are all set to enjoy your trip hassle free.


  1. Leather Wallet

A simple leather wallet doesn’t take up space; however, it protects your money and cards and looks good and neat. Leather wallets are a sign of elegance and can last you for a pretty long period of time, even after your trip is over.


  1. Leather Pouch

Every man should have this travel toiletries gear. A small leather gents pouch or case that holds travel shaving gear and hygiene products, is very much required at all times. These pouches keep all your necessities together so that you don’t forget anything when you travel. Moreover, it will help you be on track with your grooming routine when on the road.


  1. Travel Journal

It is a notebook that you can take wherever you go on your trip. Be it a business trip or a family trip, you can use the travel journal to record the day’s events, experiences, impressions, sights, and sounds of the trip. Moreover, the thoughts that you write in the journal will be incorporated into your long-term memories.

So the next time you plan a trip, make sure you have all these essential items together in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Have a blast and have a safe journey!!

How to Dress For a Business Meeting

Business meetings are conducted to create an impression on the fellow professionals in your industry and to establish connections. Hence it’s very important that you dress appropriately for the meeting, irrespective if there are guidelines set on the dress code for the meeting or not.

Here are some tips that will help you dress for your next business meeting:


The suit is the best attire for any business meeting. Suits make you look highly professional and productive. Men can also wear a combination of formal pants, sweater and a jacket which is another version of business attire.

Whereas women can wear a skirt or a trouser accompanied with a jacket. If you wish to stick to a more Indian look, nice printed cotton or a chiffon sari works best for any professional event.



Your shoes speak a lot about you. Hence it’s important that you pick the right pair of shoes for your business meeting.

Leather shoes are the best option for both men and women. Men should make sure it matches the same colour as the trouser or opt for a shade darker. Whereas, women can wear the classic low-heeled black shoes.

These days, there are many high-heeled women leather sandals available in the market. It works great for younger girls who want to look and feel more confident during the business meeting.



Just like your attire, you also need to pay attention to your hairstyle.  People present in the meeting should not be distracted by your funny messy hair.

Men should trim their hair well and get it neatly combed. Whereas, women can opt for a loose ponytail, a bun or can simply set the hair behind with some simple elegant looking hairclips or hairbands.



The right accessories help you display elegance and grace during any event. Accessories like a watch, bracelet, earring, and necklace speak your taste and personality; hence ensure you pick a piece that matches your attire. However, avoid being too flashy at the meeting.

But, if you are a person who needs a handkerchief, tissue, perfume or a lipstick/eyeshadow etc; handy all the time, then make sure you carry a leather travel wallet or a leather handbag with you wherever you go. A leather travel wallet or a leather handbag will not only keep all your essentials together but will also help you be organized during the business event.

Dressing up for a business meeting is about representing your position in the company. Hence whatever dressing style you choose, make sure you are confident and comfortable with it. The right selection of style will surely bring out the best in you.


How to Choose the Right Backpack For Your Next Trip

Picking the right backpack is an important part of any trip. However, choosing the right backpack can be confusing and time consuming. So in order to save your hours of research, we are laying out some tips that will help you find the right backpack for your next trip.

Water Resistant

You don’t need a backpack that is 100% waterproof, however you need to make sure the bag is made out of a semi-waterproof material, so that your stuff doesn’t get wet inside, even if there is a slight water spill on your bag.

Also make sure the bag material doesn’t stay wet for a longer time. Look for materials that get dried out immediately. This will ease your tension about the stuff staying inside the bag.


The most common reasons people throw their old backpacks aside is because of the tears on the shoulder straps, broken zippers and stitching that has come undone. So it’s very important that you select a bag that is durable.

Nylon and polyester are the most popular backpack materials. Heavier fabrics like canvas also make durable bags that you will be using for years. However, if you can drive up the price of a bag, leather works fine.

There are many leather backpacks for men and women available in the market today. Just pick one that best suits your budget. Since leather is durable, you are sure to use the bag for many more years to come.


You obviously want a backpack that is big enough to hold just a bit more than the stuff you are bringing and not more than that. If a backpack fits everything you want, has a bit of extra room, and feels comfortable, then it implies that you have found the perfect backpack with the appropriate size.

Your store dealer might suggest you different bag sizes that they have in stock, however the best way to know if a backpack feels right is to simply try it on.

Multiple Compartments

A good backpack must have multiple compartments. This way, you can break up your belongings into smaller sections so it’s easier to access and find the stuff you require.

For example, if you are shopping for leather backpacks for men, make sure the bag has enough compartments for clothes, gadgets, toiletry stuff, flip-flops, medicines etc. That way they don’t get messed up.  Moreover, it saves time having to dig around your bag.


Apart from getting the durability and size right, the design and build of the bag should suit your convenience. Make sure you are able to walk and move around with the bag.

For example, if you are planning for a safari, you need to make sure you have a bag, which is convenient to hold, while you remove your hi-tech camera from the bag. After all, you want to enjoy your trip and not waste time on adjusting your backpack and miss those precious moments.

For a wide range of travel leather backpacks, leather shoulder bags and leather wallets for men and women visit Adamis. Beautiful designs and fine quality is sure to make your purchase worth the money spent.


While travelling, your backpack will be your best friend. But, if you choose the wrong bag, it could end up being your worst enemy. There are many things to consider when picking out a backpack. However, with a little research and advice, you are sure to choose the right backpack for your next adventurous trip.

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas For A Couple

Anniversary celebration can be very nerve wrecking. It is an important part of your life which you want to be perfect and memorable for you and your partner. You also want to make sure your anniversary celebration is very unique, one that you can tell to all your friends and children for years to come.

If you want to impress your partner and make it memorable, the below romantic celebration tips will come in handy – just pick one!

Make It A Complete Surprise

There are so many ways to celebrate this special day. But the key to a successful romantic celebration is the element of surprise. You don’t need to overdo your surprise. Just keep it special and simple by proposing her again – just in the same way you did before getting married. Trust me; you’ll be overwhelmed that you did when you see the unsuspecting glow on her face.


Take A Walk Down The Memory Lane

What could be more romantic than recreating those beautiful, magical days – the first time you fell in love? Get your partner to a place that has personal significance to both of you. Take a walk down the memory lane as you reminisce the old days. You both are sure to get all nostalgic and lovey-dovey, while remembering those golden moments!


Let The World Know You Love Her – On FM Radio

If your partner is not shy, how about expressing your love on-air? You can call your local FM radio station and express your love by playing or singing a song for him/her, followed by your lovely message to your partner.


Rooftop Dinner

Anniversary celebrations don’t necessarily have to happen in restaurants, convert your apartment building rooftop into one! Decorate the rooftop with attractive lights, balloons or flowers and set a table for a romantic candle light dinner. You and your partner are sure to feel totally relaxed and loved beneath the beautiful sky. If it’s a surprise from either of the partner, the other better-half will surely be blown away by the efforts put in to decorating the place.


Say It With A Gift

Those lovely husbands who really want to see a smile on their wife’s face can gift them anything like a ring or a necklace. But if she is fond of leather products, then opt for leather bags, leather jackets, leather clutches, leather wallets for women you love the most.


Even the ladies can do some shopping online if they don’t have time to go to the store. Any good quality men’s leather pouch bag or wallets can also be a perfect pick to gift your husband.


If you want to keep things more secretive, spy on his/her style and surprise your partner with a gift he/she will love. Or you can always shop for the gift together.

Whether you choose to go for online leather bags/wallets or prefer going to a local store to buy any other gift item, make sure you opt for a dealer who is trust worthy. A genuine shopkeeper will not only offer some amazing high quality options in gift items, but will also assist you in your entire anniversary shopping process.

In short, if you want to make your anniversary day very special, make sure you do what amazes your partner the most. It will make the love of your life happy and also help you treasure that love forever.


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